• Power Factor Correction
  • Peak Load Management
  • Reduce Your Power Bill

Step 1 Measure

Get a grip on power consumption within your business with sophisticated power quality logging. More than a simple power meter or clamp test reading, Price Hilton® Environmental’s ‘measure’ process will highlight the bigger picture of a whole 24 hour working day or, in fact a whole business cycle. This is the first step in identifying not just poor power factor, but also your business facility’s high power demand periods, compared to your ‘peak’, ‘shoulder’ and ‘off peak’ tariff periods.

Step 2 Report & Analyse

Price Hilton® Environmental will help you identify your high demand periods and which electrical devices in your business contribute most to higher power costs, along with other power quality measurements (for example; phase loading, harmonics, and voltage swings). We will provide a detailed report focusing on power quality issues that need to be addressed, also explaining and highlighting cost effective solutions for reducing power consumption, and therefore the cost of power to your business.


Step 3 Action

Enlightened by this detailed new information, your business can plan a course of action to reduce power costs. This could be from procedural changes such as the time of day that various equipment is run to installing an Energy Management System for power factor correction. At this stage overall power quality improvement is the main business objective, so ongoing measurement, reporting and possibly additional equipment installation may be recommended; but always with ROI in mind.

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