Price Hilton® Environmental Pty Ltd is a SE Queensland based company who’s core business is providing cost effective solutions to reduce electricity consumption for small to medium business enterprises and the family home. Price Hilton® Environmental Pty Ltd is involved in the design and manufacturing of power monitoring and power improvement products that increase the quality of the power within a business premises and thus reduce the number of electricity units consumed in a billing cycle.

Price Hilton® Environmental can provide your business with a “Management by Objectives” methodology to better manage escalating energy costs within a sound financial investment framework and early return on investment (ROI).

In a finite world, natural resources cannot last forever. Non renewable fuels like oil, gas and coal need to be used wisely and efficiently. The only way to get them to last longer is to use less; use tools that increase efficiency while giving the same effective output of plant and equipment. We can help you use less power, get the same output from your electrical devices and increase the operational life of those same devices.

While governments at all levels use various forms of the “big stick” and/or the “small carrot” approach that often produces unintended outcomes, Price Hilton® Environmental prefers the “carrot only” approach by offering services, products and systems that produce a fast ROI. Meaning that the financial pain it costs to achieve the result is far less than the financial pain in doing nothing. Additionally Price Hilton® Environmental’s relationship management approach to business means that we will be there over the long term to help you continuously improve your energy knowledge and the energy efficiency of your business. Learning more about your electricity bills and how much control you can have over your power consumption is a great way to reduce your stress and improve the bottom line of your business.

Our tried and proven process involves three simple steps,

  1. Monitor power quality to understand the baseline power usage profile of a business and its in house power quality;
  2. Analyse the data and develop solutions to reduce power consumption and the cost generally (This is not about changing your power provider to save a few cents per kWH, it is about genuine reductions in power consumption through a new awareness about electricity management; and
  3. Commence implementing a well thought out strategic action plan, recording the effectiveness of each step of the plan, and measuring the genuine dollar savings.

Price Hilton® Environmental’s goal using the above mentioned process is to achieve at least 10% savings in dollar terms in the early stages of the action plan (the low hanging fruit), but then work with business managers to achieve even greater savings over the life of the strategic action plan.