Price Hilton® Environmental Pty Ltd believes that sustainable environmental practices are important to economic and social development throughout the world and, importantly, in our own backyard. It is often said that Australian small business is at the heart of the Australian economy because it is the biggest employer and, as such, it is Australian small business that must implement a ‘lead by example’ approach to sustainability. It inevitably follows that small business employees, contractors, agents and customers are likely to implement similar practices in the home environment if they see successful examples in the small business community. This is the “environmental” focus of Price Hilton® Environmental Pty Ltd.


Drivers for change to Australian industry practices will primarily be generated by legislation at the three governmental levels. It is our belief that we should pre-empt and surpass government intervention with a “carrot” approach before the bureaucratic “big stick” approach is thrust upon us. With many years of domestic and international business experience, the management of Price Hilton® Environmental Pty Ltd knows that substantial change can evolve from client demand and Australian small business must be ready to embrace this transition. Should we chose to generate positive change in the way we address environmental issues, our innovation and efficiency dividends will enable us to better compete in the world.

By diligently practicing what we preach, we may assist in the education of our clients, and therefore, we will be doing our bit to encourage others to become ecologically aware and confident to adopt better environmental policies. In doing so our clients, by example, encourage others, their employees and in turn their employee’s families to think more clearly about the environment, our country and our planet.