Licensed electrical contractors are an important integral part of the process of improving power quality within a business premises. Price Hilton® Environmental’s approach to the installation of electrical devices such as power factor correction units, is to engage the preferred electrical contractor for any business customer, if they have one, because they usually know some of the electrical history of the site; and they will also be able to, from time to time, monitor the performance of the Price Hilton® Environmental equipment that they have installed.

The other preference for installation and maintenance of Price Hilton® Environmental’s power quality monitoring and improvement devices is to use a Price Hilton® preferred electrical contractor. This person is an electrical contractor who has worked with us through the complete three step process of (1) Power monitoring and data collection, (2) Data analysis and solutions development, and (3) Installation and commissioning of electrical devices such as power factor correction equipment, harmonic filters, permanent power quality monitoring equipment. It is a common occurrence that power boards or electrical wiring needs to be updated or upgraded. Or phase loadings adjusted as part of a power quality improvement installation.

Price Hilton® Environmental’s role, as the provider of power quality servicing, is to support the electrical contractors, provide specialised power monitoring equipment, expert analysis, cost effective solutions development, project management and sign-off and after sales/warranty services.