Energy Skills Queensland, a not for profit association of members from industry training organisations and government, has recently reported on the looming skills shortage in the rapidly changing electricity industry. They reported that tomorrow’s electricity industry needs new skills to deal with the emerging “Smart Power Grid”. The new Smart Grid refers to the new communications technology being installed to measure and bill electricity consumption, “time of use” billing including variable peak demand billing.

Power distribution charges are also changing, with kWh billing changing to kVAh billing to better reflect the true cost of providing the power distribution network. Then there is the dynamic new influences on power quality caused by a vast range of electrical devices such as solar power inverters, variable speed electric motors, lighting dimmer switches, transformers, computers and other electronic devices that distort the voltage and current sine waves.

Electrical contractors may need help to refresh their skill-set to deal with the new challenges presented by the evolving power grid, dealing with harmonics and power factor. Price Hilton® Environmental is committed to playing its small part in assisting its “preferred” electrical contractors to gain experience in the field of power quality monitoring and the devices used to return power quality back to acceptable levels.

Electrical contractors are encouraged to contact us at Price Hilton® Environmental to discuss our business and how they can benefit by being involved in the installation and maintenance of power quality monitoring and improvement devices. Price Hilton® Environmental’s.