Power Analysing & Reporting Products/Services

When analysing power quality data and developing solutions to reduce power bills for a business client, Price Hilton Environmental is conscious that a business manager wants a cost effective solution, but our experience in this field tells us that it is seldom a single silver bullet solution to be had. It is more likely that a series of separate actions may be required. For example, an old established business may require the following solutions to gain a 15% reduction in power consumption:

  1. Correction of current loads on the three phases.
  2. Upgrading of a power board because it is unsafe or fully loaded.
  3. Install passive harmonic filtering on power circuits found to have a high level of harmonics, generated by installed plant.
  4. Install power factor correction equipment because power factor measured in the business is 0.85 lagging.
  5. Load shift some of the business processes to off peak periods
  6. Consider installing permanent power logging as a critical power information and management tool.

The order and timing of each corrective step will depend on budgets and cost benefit justifications.

Another benefit of the Price Hilton Environmental ‘stepped’ approach to power management is to allow for power logging after each stage (if required) to prove the effectiveness of each improvement step.